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Founded in 2008, BPM Vision is a leading provider of innovative Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions in the APAC region. With expertise across diverse industries, we empower organisations to improve efficiency, strategic alignment and achieve successful project outcomes.

Future-Ready Tomorrow

Empowering Transformation with Innovative Solutions

Our approach spans from discovery to design, build, and implementation, customising solutions to suit your needs with the aim of transforming complex enterprise environments.


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What sets us apart?

Tailored solutions backed by experience

With a core value of adaptability, we respond quickly to evolving trends and challenges in the dynamic business landscape to ensure our solutions not only meet current needs but also future-proof our clients’ businesses. 

Our expertise is not just grounded in industry best practices but is also a reflection of our dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements.

Expertise Grounded in Best Practice

Our approach is built on a foundation of industry best practices, ensuring that our clients benefit from cutting-edge solutions and strategies. We stay updated with the latest innovations and incorporate it into our services, providing our clients with a competitive edge.

Specialists in our Field

Our specialists bring a wealth of experience and specialised domain knowledge. Collaborating with industry leaders, we ensure swift and focused implementation for rapid "Time to Value" to enhance features and functionality.

Domain & Product Knowledge

We dive deep into your business requirements, translating them into effective solutions that derive tangible value. Our approach is grounded in industry best practices, ensuring your challenges are met with expertise and innovation.

Change Management

We support our clients through the journey to ensure that transition to their new ways of working are smooth, and their organisations can embrace change confidently. We work collaboratively with client teams to instigate positive transformations that drive lasting success.

Meet the Team

At BPM Vision, our global team of skilled professionals is dedicated to delivering impactful solutions. We bring a wealth of experience, emphasising change management and collaborating closely with your team. Our commitment is to efficiently address your critical pain points, guided by industry experts in our leadership team. 

Experience a partnership that goes beyond expertise — it’s a commitment to your success.

Puneet Singh Sodhi

Founder & Managing Director

Puneet Singh Sodhi brings over 20 years of leadership experience in guiding clients across diverse industries, including financial services, retail, government, and consulting, to derive maximum value from their IT and project investments. His team considers him as a completely hands-on, passionate and intuitive leader known for transforming organisations by accelerating revenue and optimising organisation performance.

Kribin Moodley

Head of Presales & Customer Success

Kribin Moodley has over 20 years of expertise in the IT industry, focused on delivering tailored solutions that precisely meet clients’ business needs and goals. He has a track record of success in complex PMOs across various industries. Demonstrating an excellent ability to prompt and extend clients’ thinking into areas that leverage the capability of PPM, Kribin is committed to ensuring the success and satisfaction of BPM Vision’s clientele.

Angela Fernando

Head of Program Delivery

Angela Fernando is a highly accomplished Program Delivery Manager with over a decade of experience in Technology Consulting, Project Management, Systems Integration, and Change Management solutions. She has managed over 35 complex projects in various industries in the Australia and Asia Pacific region. She is a skilled people manager and excels at being a skilled intermediary between senior executives, project stakeholders, and IT teams.

Mark Leake

Principal Consultant

Mark Leake is responsible for organisational capability, which includes the enablement of employees’ consulting and product skills in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. He has over 25 years of experience in working with clients to deliver successful solutions in his capacity as a solution architect and project lead.

Marija Radak

Head of People & Culture

Marija is a dynamic Head of People & Culture, with over 11 years of cross-functional HR experience. Her expertise extends across recruitment, onboarding, culture, payroll, and soft skills training. Known for her hands-on, loyal and collaborative approach, Marija excels in brand marketing, sales initiatives, bookkeeping, administration, and compliance. She thrives in fast-paced, multicultural environments, showcasing clear communication and attention to detail under pressure.

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