BPM Vision hosts first PMO
Thought Leadership Series

Micro Focus and BPM Vision were delighted to host a group of industry PMO leaders in Melbourne in its first PMO Thought Leadership Series on the evening of 26th November.

Alicia Aitken, Head of Investment Management and Delivery ANZ Bank, shared amazing insights into how her team led by Mark Bavaresco transformed execution of its investment management strategy leveraging Microfocus PPM. 

A great session that allowed us all to appreciate high impact ideas on how transparent, empowered and progressive leadership can traverse an enterprise PPM journey.

PPM and a good implementation partner are pivotal to delivering Value Benefits through the EPMO, Value Management Office Investment Management Office to the larger organisation.

BPM Vision Philippines presents at
2019 FINEX Forum

BPM Vision Philippines, in partnership with the Financial Executives Institute of the Philippines (FINEX Philippines) hosted a forum on the benefits of Project Portfolio Management (PPM) on 10th October 2019

The forum allowed for a productive conversation on how implementation of PPM could increase visibility and control of project investments. The presentation by Gaurav Ahuja, President and CEO of BPM Vision was especially relevant to the C-level executives of top companies in the Philippines to increase project success. PPM toolset allows companies to align projects to their business goals and review project strategies to mitigate risks and allocate resources efficiently.

Guest Speaker included Mark Bavaresco, who shared detailed insights on how the investment management office of ANZ, has been able to significantly enhance project success rates using PPM. Highlights from the presentation included real case studies on how the implementation of the PPM toolset, endorsed by senior executive within the company has allowed ANZ bank to transform and stay ahead of their competitors in delivering services.

BPM Vision Sponsors 8th PMO Summit!

BPM Vision and Microfocus are sponsoring the 8th PMO Leadership Summit hosted by Liquid Learning in Sydney on Aug 20 and 21, 2019.

As a leading solution consultant for Project Portfolio Management in the Asia-Pacific region, BPM Vision and Microfocus are bringing to Australia renowned international speakers including Paolo Notazio, Projects and Program Director from Enel Italia S.R.L and Victoria Voinigescu, PMO Expert from California.

In addition, we also have our key customer sponsor from the ANZ Bank, Alicia Aitken, Head of the Investment Management office, participating as a lead panelist to discuss leading strategic practices in effective Investment management, along with other key PMO leaders and experts from leading Australian firms who will opine on hybrid delivery strategies in the project management domain.

We hope to see you there. To purchase participant passes visit the Liquid Learning website.

8th PMO Leadership Summit!

BPM Vision sponsored the 8th PMO Leadership Summit hosted by Liquid Learning in Sydney on August 20th and 21st, 2019. The event objective was to bring together the PMO community and educate on how to track metrics to achieve faster delivery cycles, design strategies to incorporate an Agile approach, optimise resources for operational excellence and how to unlock strategic risk management.

The summit provided a diverse volume of knowledge, experience, and insightful presentations. Guest speakers included our key customer sponsor, Alicia Aitken, Head of the Investment Management office from ANZ Bank, and highly respected international speakers including Paolo Notazio, Projects and Program Director from Enel Italia S.R.L and Victoria Voinigescu, PMO Expert from California. 

It was a pleasure to build relationships with other executives in the industry and we look forward to reconnecting in the future. 

2019 National Symposium on Project Management PMI Philippines Chapter

BPM Vision was a platinum sponsor at the 50th anniversary of the Project Management Institute Manila on July 30 and 31, 2019.

The event served as an opportunity for members of the project management community to come together from a variety of industries.

The symposium featured an array of guest speakers who shared their insights on how project management practices and the technology landscape are continually evolving and the new delivery practices that help us adapt to these transformations.

Our CEO, Gaurav Ahuja, shared with 300 attendees on the value and benefits that are derived by senior leadership and the larger organization by implementing technologies such as Project Portfolio Management (PPM) and Technology Business Management (TBM).

It was a fantastic event allowing us to engage with many executives and being a part of the constantly growing PMI community.

BPM Vision Philippines Partners with PMI and FINEX to Raise PPM Awareness

BPM Vision Philippines, in partnership with the Project Management Institute of the Philippines (PMI) and the Financial Executives of the Philippines (FINEX), recently hosted a series of events on October 10 and 11, 2018 respectively.

The events primarily sought to raise awareness for the internationally well-established practice of Project Portfolio management (PPM), which enables companies to enhance strategic capability to deliver enterprise programs of work in alignment to executive goals and provides C-Level executives with accurate, timely and transparent information needed to make important decisions.

Guest speakers included Mr. Mark Bavaresco, the Head of Investment Data and Insights at ANZ Bank — one of the largest banks in Australia and New Zealand who spoke about how he led the transformational journey of the bank adopting Portfolio governance across 10,000 users and 26 counties.
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