At BPM Vision, we believe that we can have an influential role in educating and strengthening our community, not only through financial giving but also volunteering. Our business notion of start, refine and transform drives our employees with the same values to initiate community involvement initiatives.


BPM Vision started its global community journey by establishing scope and long-term goals. Based on personal involvement within the company, we got involved with Red Cross Australia and Care Flight Australia.


BPM Vision takes the next steps to increase project maturity and implement changes. We are now committing to have a budgeted number of paid hours per employee and to make a visible difference to our community.


It is only through collective effort that BPM Vision expects to transform its community involvement. We constantly look to our partners and colleagues in the industry to adopt new practices.

We have found that our community involvement increases employee confidence and strengthens our team, resulting in happy employees.

CareFlight Australia

CareFlight Australia