Implementing software can be a daunting task, particularly when you face the pressures of cost containment, rapid rollout and day-to-day business operating demands.

That’s where BPM Vision can help. Our skilled and experienced consultants can help you manage the transition to your new solution with ease. We take the time to understand your environment, objectives and challenges to ensure we complete a trouble-free and timely implementation.

In addition, we can assist you to create a change management program to accelerate user adoption and increase the success of your project. Lastly, we’ll empower your staff with new skills and the confidence they need to realise the benefits of software sooner.

Our comprehensive consulting packages support basic and advanced deployments of solutions and can include change management. Our toolset is modelled on industry best practices and organisations find it a huge advantage to see the benefits of the implementation flow through to the various parts of the enterprise.

Our engagement includes:

  • Undertaking a requirements gathering workshop.
  • Recommending a quick-start, basic or advanced implementation depending on requirement.
  • Facilitating the deployment:
    • Basic implementation: Out-of-the-box implementation allows for quick starts to enable you to use standard functionality for your solution.
    • Advanced implementation: Highly configured or staged implementation, specific to your needs.
  • Migrating your solution to the latest functionality with our complete end-to-end upgrade process or service pack release:
    • Version Upgrade: Upgrade of PPM, ALM, QC or ITSM from one major version to another.
    • Service Packs: Upgrade of PPM, ALM, QC or ITSM from one minor service pack to another.
  • Assisting with change management:
    • Analysis of organisational culture, capacity and behaviours to understand change required.
    • Identify ways for leaders to manage and communicate effectively through change.
    • Set clear change management strategies to align employees to new business processes.