With an approach to always deliver value, BPM Vision ensures its clients’ meet defined objectives and desired outcomes. We believe in working with you at the beginning of your IT transformation to define strategy, identify process improvements and implement developments.

In terms of strategy, we can assist you to prepare a business case by identifying the best course of action for your organisation, assessing the activities involved, identifying the costs and resulting business value, while considering the risks and opportunities. Taken one step further, we can show you how to optimise technology and implement process improvements to achieve operational efficiencies.

Our detailed engagements include:

  • Maturity Journey – Building a Business Case: Engagement to understand the client’s environment and requirements in order to build a business case showing costs for software licences, consultant fees and ROI.
  • Maturity Journey – Building a Roadmap: Engagement to understand the client’s environment and requirements, and to build a phased roadmap with proposed costings for services and licenses for a full implementation of software.
  • Process Development: Engagement examines core business processes in detail. We’ll provide advice on how to streamline or optimise processes for better alignment to the business.