Accessing timely and comprehensive support and maintenance is vital to ensuring your mission critical environments function effectively.

At BPM Vision, we can help you derive the most value from your software investment, with direct access to our experienced professionals. Our portfolio offers a comprehensive range of support and maintenance services to solve operational issues and access the expert assistance of our trusted advisors.

Our experience in small and large organisations allows for a range of support and maintenance models that are balanced with the right combination of skills and value. As part of our engagement, we assess your needs and recommend the appropriate model to ensure continuous success around the user experience and usability of your solution.

Services include:

  • General Support: Flexible options to suit your needs and budget including embedded support and continuous improvements.
  • Maintenance: We can provide a variety of maintenance activities to ensure ongoing successful use of solutions including review and check of portlets, reports and utilities; communicating with Infrastructure, database and business teams; and overseeing the resolution of outages – both hardware and software related.
  • Health Check: A health check to:
    • Conduct overall system architecture check.
    • Perform spot check system monitoring.
    • Perform analysis of system log files and service pack installation, as needed.
    • Conduct other relevant analyses of the system to determine cause of performance issues.
    • Work with your technical support team to conduct further analysis.
    • Produce a brief report summarising any findings and recommendations.